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Saddleworth - Oldham - Ashton Under Lyne - Tameside - Rochdale - Manchester  - Mossley

Ellison IT Services Ltd

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Welcome to Ellison (I.T.) Services Ltd

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Saddleworth - Oldham - Ashton Under Lyne - Tameside - Rochdale - Manchester - Mossley

Saddleworth - Oldham - Ashton Under Lyne - Tameside - Rochdale - Manchester - Mossley

Wireless Network Service

At Ellison we are interested in your personal wireless network and benefits that you will get from sharing an Internet connection.

  1. For example, children being able to do their homework from a separate computer.
  2. Colleagues at work being able to send and receive emails direct from their PCs.
  3. File sharing or data backup

Prices range and vary depending on size and number of wireless connections which include PC, Laptop PDAs or printers.

Basic wireless networking packages including all equipment and labour for up to 3 connections from £135.00.

If you already have the equipment for wireless networking but require labour. the average cost is £35.00 to £65.00


What is a Wireless Network?

A Wireless Local Area Network (LAN or WLAN) is a wireless local area network, which is used to link two or more computers without using any wires. Wireless LAN is based on radio waves enabling us communication between devices in a limited area of approximately 100 metres but is dependent on conditions. Wireless allows the ability to move around within a home or office but maintain a connection to the network or Internet

For the home user, wireless has become very popular as the price of laptops has fallen and also it reduces the need for chasing wires around the house.

Some small businesses such as restaurants cyber cafes and others have installed wireless networks to offer a service to their customers.

Large wireless network projects are being implemented in some UK major cities. Eastserve (http://www.eastserve.com/) is an example in Manchester.


It must be remembered that for home users, security levels for wireless networks are less vigorous than for a business and therefore not all steps are required.

  1. Encryption: minimal 64 bit, 128 bit preferable 256 bit if available
  2. MAC Control: only allow devices with known MAC addresses to connect
  3. DHCP: If practical turn off DHCP and use static IP addresses
  4. Enable Firewall Settings on router if provided
  5. Firewall Individual devices within the LAN as well as the router firewall

Any questions please call us on 01457 832330 or 01457 837830

Alternatively email us at enq@ellison-it-services.co.uk                      

Wireless Network Service